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Permanent Bracelets & RIngs from Alexandra Marks

What Is A Permanent Bracelet

It is a dainty everyday custom bracelet that is micro weld to your wrist.

It is a quick, fun, and totally painless process that creates a special bracelet without a clasp.

Chicago Permanent Bracelets from Alexandra Marks Jewelry, the #1 Permanent Jewelry Store

Do I Have To Book An Appointment?

We do also daily walk in hours where you are able to just walk in without an appointment and get a permanent forever bracelet.

Priority does go to those who have booked appointments, so if you are walking in please expect to wait.

The wait time depends on the day but it generally ranges from minutes to about an hour.
We do encourage you to book an appointment as we can't guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your party.
You can always call ahead to find out the current wait time.
Anklets & Necklaces are only available to those with appointments.
Gemstone Charms for Permanent Jewelry at Alexandra Marks

What Happens If My Forever Jewelry Breaks?

While these bracelets are designed to withstand everyday wear, that doesn't mean that they are unbreakable.

Like any piece of jewelry, if something happens or the bracelet gets caught on something the chain can snap.

If your bracelet does break you are more than welcome to bring it back to our store and we will weld it back on for free.

We are unable to replace lost bracelets and charms.

  • Gold Filled & Sterling Silver Chains

    Bracelets $40 and up

    Anklets $80 and up

    Rings $13 and up

    Necklaces $80 and up

  • 14k Gold Chains

    Bracelets $80 and up

    Rings $26 and up

    Necklaces $160 and up

  • Charms

    Gold Filled $ and up

    Sterling Silver $ and up

    14k Gold $ and up